General Purpose (GP) Test Head

For test applications where you need

  • high frequency performance
  • combined digital and parametric testing
  • bench top solderless experimenters station
  • DUT to ATV/PWS interconnect surface

The GP Test Head consists of a powered, ventilated chassis and mother board with 8 rows of 2x68 pin CRANE connectors. These are mating connectors for various Device Under Test (DUT) daughter PCB cards. The chassis accepts up to 8 ATV/PWS inter-connect cards which mount in the chassis to the underside of the 8 connectors. The interconnect cards can be any combination of digital driver boards and analog boards.

Digital Driver Boards - Controlled impedance, high-frequency strip line design. Includes built in 50-ohm reverse termination drivers. They interconnect the test head to one ATV 16 channel I/O card and one ATV 24 channel Output Only card. (Total of 40 pin resources per driver board.)

Analog Boards - interconnects the test head to one 6x16 driven guard Switch Matrix card.

The mother board additionally provides connection to the ATV TVP card and its 6 Output only pins. It also provides +5V and +/- 12V power for general use on DUT test cards as desired. Depending upon how the test head is configured with driver and analog cards, it can accommodate up to 326 digital channels, 128 analog channels, or any combination thereof.

Because so many product development programs require SEU testing, we designed the GP test head to mount directly to the Tandem Van de Graff facility at Brookhaven National Labs.

GP Test Head - Daughter Cards

The GP Test Head accepts:

JD Instruments daughter boards - General purpose PCBs with integral power and ground planes, customizable to test specific part types and packages. These are point-to-point wiring boards which have generic mounting patterns for up to 4 DUT parts. The daughter board accommodates 32 I/O channels, 54 Output only channels from ATV and 16 switched analog channels as well as connection to ATV signals such as TRIGIN, TRIGOUT, etc. The daughter boards have mounting patterns for DIP and PGA part package types. For other part/package types, use adapter boards that convert digital integrated circuits from SOJ, TSOP, PLCC and SOIC to DIP packages. (Adapters available from other vendors, such as Accutek Microcircuit Corp,

User designed custom daughter boards.

78 pin DB Extender Cable

A DB78 adapter cable set is available which allows 3 ATV and 1 PWS card outputs to be combined into a simble cable bundle. It provides a single connector at the DUT end. The DB78 adapter cable connects to one Data, one Adress and one TVP standard cable, and one PWS Switch Matrix cable. The other end is a single DB78 connector. The extender cable is 10' long. When combinded with the ATV/PWS standard cables the total length is 20'.

Custom Cables

JD Instruments will also manufacture other custom cable sets per customer specification.

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