ATV Specifications

Test Capabilities

  • Algorithmic Test Vector Generation
  • Import Test Vectors
  • 50 Million waveforms (timing diagrams) per second
  • Trig-Out and Trig-In to synchronize with external hardware
  • Programmable Loads

Pin Electronics

  • Independent Pin Timing
  • Three Programmable Drive Levels: High Drive, Low Drive, Reserve Termininate...

                    All Applied at Test Speeds

  • 7 Timing Sets per Pin, Selectable On-The-Fly
  • Drive Formats: RTRN0, RTRN1, RTRNC, NRZ

                    with Edge Placement of 180 pS
                    Reverse Terminate Drive Applied During DUT Outputs

  • Minimum Cycle Time 20ns (50mhz) per Complete Wavefrom
  • 10% - 90% rise time of 2nS (5V signal, 6 feet of cable)
  • Formatted output voltage range: 0 to 5.5 V
  • Outputs Individually Tri-state-able
  • Pins Switchable to External Connector for Parametric Testing

TVP Card

  • Six High Speed Formatted Output Pins

                    One Programable 0 to 10V for DUT Programming

  • Vdd - Programmable Power Supply: 0 to +5.5 volts, 1 Amp total current
  • IDDQ Measurements: 5nA to 1A in Four Ranges, 0.1% of full scale range
  • Trigger In/Trigger Out

Data Card

  • 16 High Speed Formatted Output Pins
  • 16 Input Pins with Dual level Comparators: Valid Low and Valid High
  • Pattern Generation On-the-Fly: Increment/Decrement/ALU

Address/Output-Only Card

  • 24 High Speed Formatted Output Pins
  • Pattern Generation On-the-Fly: Increment/Decrement/ALU

Source Measure Unit (1 SMU On TVP Card)



Set Range

Step Size

Meas Resolution



VForce Mode


+/- 10V




100mA,10mA,1mA 100uA,10uA,1uA,  100nA,10nA

Full Scale Range (F.S.R.)


0.1% F.S.R. with 20 pA minimum

Range is selectable or can be auto-ranged



100mA,1mA, 10uA,100nA

Full Scale Range (F.S.R.)

0.1% F.S.R.  

IForce Mode


100mA,10mA,1mA, 100uA,10uA,1uA, 100nA,10nA

Full Scale Range (F.S.R.)

0.05% F.S.R.

Range is selectable or can be auto-ranged



+/- 10V,  +/- 1V (F.S.R.)


0.01% F.S.R

Range is auto-selected



+/- 10V (F.S.R.)

1% F.S.R  

SIZE: (Vaires with Number of Test Pins)

  • 0.6 cu. ft. (Typical for 62 pin unit)

Weight: (Vaires with Number of Test Pins)

  • 11 lbs. (Typical for 62 pin unit)
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