Sample Applications

SRAM Example

Below are sample source files for the testing of an SRAM. 

  • The ATV algorithm generates vectors for functional testing (MarchX, Read/Write CheckerBoard) and sets the part up for parametric testing.
  • The Automation BASIC code controls the ATV algorithm to conduct multiples SRAM Tests (Functional, Parametrics Voh, Vol, AC timing Tests) and manages the flow of the test along with the data generated for multiple parts, multiple test conditions, and multiple runs for each Serial numbered part.
  • Results for the Automation code are place in the 'xls spreadsheet along with binning decisions

Two snap shots of the automation test in progress are shown below (Also you can download these as jpg files, below, for better resolution.)

1. The user is viewing data log results while the test is in progress.

2. The operator is viewing automatic plots of the results while the test is in progress.


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