DTE Test Control Environment

DTE is a dynamic test platform that allows for the control of test instrumentation.  It includes an expandable library of instrument drivers and data log, parameter extraction, analysis and charting tools which enable powerful data reduction and presentation

DTE includes the Visual Basic RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment.  RAD allows simple creation of programs which control instrumentation, sequences of tests, operator interaction, data analysis, data-logging and charting. Test programs are coded in a macro language compatible with Microsoft's Visual Basic 3.0. The RAD environment provides syntax highlighting, compile and run-time debugging, watch variables, and stack tracing.  RAD includes two powerful tools that provide rapid development: The Visual Dialog Box Editor, and the Object Browser (see below).

By adding drivers to DTE you can control virtually any instrument.  DTE is extended through OLE automation.  When you add an instrument driver to DTE's server list, RAD automatically adds commands to the VB language that provides for control of that instrument.  You view and paste from the library of instrument commands via an Object Browser.  In addition to instrument drivers, you can make specialized data analysis or chart/plotting tools as servers, then incorporate them into your test programs.  We provide C++ templates to allow users to write their own drivers, or drivers can be purchased from JD Instruments.

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Visual Dialog Box Editor with Automatic Code Generation

The User Dialog Editor allows the simple creation of complex dialog boxes in your VB test program.  With the click of a mouse you create buttons, list boxes, combo boxes, text editors, check boxes, and radio button controls .  The editor automatically inserts VB code for your dialog boxes into your program.  Dialog boxes give your test programs sophisticated user interaction. Test operators can control test flow, data log control, Run/Stop dialogs, Binning Decision dialogs, summary data display ... whatever is needed.

Object Browser - Instrument Control

The VB language for the RAD is extended by installing instrument drivers in DTE.  These drivers include unique functions and procedures which control the instrument.  The test program developers environment includes an Object Browser that allows you to browse libraries of instrument control procedures, giving a description of each, including parameter definitions.  The Object Browser can automatically paste syntactically correct functions and procedures from the drivers directly into your code.

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