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     also ..Test Engineering Services
    - Custom Test Development

Memory Tester, OpAmp Tester, Mixed Signal Tester, Shorts-Open Tester, ASIC [&SOC] Tester, Curve Tracer, microProcessor Tester

Potable, “Bench Top” Test Systems

1 - ATV Digital System
    Memories (SRAM, DRAM, FLASH, SDRAM, EEPROM … )
    ASICs, FPGAs, PLDs,         ·
    Microprocessors, DSPs   
    Systems On a Chip.            

2 - PWS Analog (I/V) System  
    OpAmps/ Comparators
    Simple Shorts/Opens Tests
    Test Structures, Analog Circuits

3 – Combo Tester (ATV + PWS - in same chassis) … Most Popular!
        All the above, plus
    ADCs,  DACs
    Mixed Signal

Over 60 JDI Testers in Service
   Counterfeit Detection; Suppliers
   FA Labs & Reliability
   Semiconductor Design Verification
   Small Production
 - Also an Industry Standard for Radiation Testing of ICs


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