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One of the goals of JD Instruments site is to give our visitors the privacy and security of the information they choose to share with us. Therefore, this policy outlines how any information you provide will be handled.


JD Instruments uses technology when transferring or accumulating sensitive data committed to ensuring that this and other information that you supply is secure.

Why we collect information


JD Instruments has several customer that are willing to provide references, and discuss the use of our tester at their facilities.

For References contact sales.



Sample Apps

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Training at your facility -

JD Instruments offers training at your facility for an unlimited number of engineers and technicians.. The length of training is typically 4 days. It includes lecture and laboratory "hands on" workshop. The fourth day is usually for a DUT that you choose, one that is needed in your programs.

Contact us to schedule training at your facility.


PWS Semiconductor / Analog IV Tester Specifications


The information and "typical" entries in the following specifications are not warrented, but provide useful information about the functions and performances of PWS SMU Cards.


PWS Semiconductor / Analog IV Tester Description


The Parametric Work Station(PWS) is a highly versatile analog IV tester with built in switch matrices combined with a suite of data log, graphing, analysis and programming tools in one portable, easy to use package.

PWS Schematic

PWS allows for measuring and analyzing


General Purpose (GP) Test Head

For test applications where you need

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