ATV Description

The Algorithmic Test Vector (ATV) system is a low cost, portable, high performance digital tester which represents a major advance and simplification for integrated circuit testing. Its modular architecture and custom ASICs achieve dramatic miniaturization and flexibility while delivering performance found in ATE systems costing many times as much.

ATV Schematic

ATV Specifications

Test Capabilities

  • Algorithmic Test Vector Generation
  • Import Test Vectors
  • 50 Million waveforms (timing diagrams) per second
  • Trig-Out and Trig-In to synchronize with external hardware
  • Programmable Loads

Pin Electronics

Custom Services

Let us create your Test Solutions -

JD Instruments can design test boards and create test applications built to your specification.   This can include

  • DUT boards that can be mounted on the test head, or passive boards
  • Algorithms for interactive testing
  • Automation code with test flow management, user screens, data log and plot

Receive at your facility Ready-To-Test

Test System Sales


  • Phone: 505-255-9182
  • Fax: 505-332-9401


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Frequenty Asked Questions

1) How does support and training work?

DTE Test Control Environment

DTE is a dynamic test platform that allows for the control of test instrumentation.  It includes an expandable library of instrument drivers and data log, parameter extraction, analysis and charting tools which enable powerful data reduction and presentation

PWS Semiconductor / Analog IV Tester

Parametric Work Station for characterization, automated testing, parameter extraction, part sorting, statistical process control of:

  • FETs
  • Bipolar Transistors
  • Test Structures
  • OpAmps
  • Analog Circuits


ATV Digital IC Tester

Use Algorithmic/Test Vector IC Test System for Functional Testing, Characterization, Engineering Analysis,  and automated testing of:

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